Exhibition “SU ARNASY 2015, Kazakhstan

From May 24, 2015 until May 30, 2015 representatives of SIA “VEGA 1”, in cooperation with sub department of Latvian Biotechnology association, Cleantech Latvia and supported by Investment and Development agency of Latvia, joining three other Latvian companies, went to the capital city of Kazakhstan Astana, to participate the exhibition “SU ARNASY 2015: Water consumption: reality, problems and perspectives”, taking place in Astana’s international exhibition center “Korme Expo-center”. During the foundation of SIA “VEGA 1”, this was the first time when company was represented in the exhibition in Central Asia countries. In this exhibition Latvian companies, including SIA “VEGA 1”, were represented in Cleantech joint stand.

Exhibition “SU ARNASY 2015”: Water consumption: reality, problems and perspectives” is taking place every second year and it is one of the major water and sewage technologies industry events in Central Asia. This year, the exhibition took place 7th time and was united with conference, where major attention was focused on issues, referring to water safety in the cities and water supply quality in Central Asia states, especially in Kazakhstan. Exhibition and conference took place from May 27 until May 29.

During the exhibition, representatives of SIA “VEGA 1” met representatives of different levels Central Asia states designing companies, discussed with the officials of Kazakhstan water management association current events in legislation and practical realization of the project in the context of Latvia. During the exhibition, representatives of SIA “VEGA 1” shared the information concerning necessity of sewage treatment and technologies with the 1st year hydrology science students group. Several Central Asia production companies representatives also were very interested in sewage treatment solutions presented by SIA “VEGA 1”. It should be remarked, that Latvian ambassador in Kazakhstan Juris Maklakovs and officials of Latvian embassy in Kazakhstan were also visiting SIA “VEGA 1” during the exhibition.

After official closing ceremony of the exhibition, SIA “VEGA 1” received the gratitude diploma from organizers of exhibition and conference for active participation in exhibition.

It should be admitted that representatives of SIA “VEGA 1” were preparing to this exhibition actively for several months and generally evaluate this exhibition and conference as invaluable experience for the perspective expansion of the company and development in the territory of Kazakhstan.


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