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Football tournament in Rude stadium for FC Nīca 2006 year of birth boy’s teams

In July 19, 2015 football tournament of FC Nīca 2006 year of birth boy’s teams supported by “VEGA 1” will take place in Nica region Otaņķi rural Rude stadium.

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Women’s basketball team “VEGA 1/Liepāja”

Liepaja women’s basketball team is running the season of 2013 – 2014 under new name – “VEGA 1/Liepāja”. The team will take place in Latvian-Estonian joint basketball league and the main season’s target of the team is competition for the awards.

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VEGA 1 beach volleyball league

To popularize the beach volleyball, for already several years we are main supporters of VEGA 1 beach volleyball league. Competition takes place in Liepaja city beach in several stages whole summer long, and everyone willing to try their skills in this dynamic sports, is invited to participate.

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Liepaja St. Trinity cathedral

In 2011 VEGA 1 financed and provided the construction of the heating unit and set up of the radiators, to support the renovation of the church.

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Liepaja Kickboxing club K-sports

Support of competition organizing and sporting inventory purchase to Liepaja Kickboxing club K-sports.

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Rally „Kurzeme”

Rally “Kurzeme” is taking place in Liepaja region already since 1965 and is one of the oldest motorsport events in Latvia abundant with the traditions. Rally “Kurzeme” was awarded as the best rally of the year in 2009 and 2010.

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Rally crew Viktors Lebedevs/Vilmārs Mateuss Rally crew

The pilot of the crew Viktors Lebedevs became Latvian rally champion in the year 2000. Together with the co-driver Vilmārs Mateuss, VEGA 1 rally crew is regularly participating in the events of Latvian rally championship.

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VEGA 1 is long term supporter of draughts player Viesturs Tomass. Viesturs became the world champion in 1998, several times Latvian draughts champion and is recurrent winner of awards in Latvian and international draughts tournaments.
We also support participation of young draughts players from Kuldīga sporting school in international tournaments and young Liepaja draughts players.

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